There Is A Problem

I want to look at a bridge and see just a bridge.


The 7 Year Experiment

Or maybe more appropriately named The Lifetime Experience.

I Think That Might Mean Something

I think I think too much



Balance is everything.


Undress your fears

Undress your fears And you better hope it's pretty Because none of it matters unless you're pretty or dead


And On That Day

And on that day, you will notice every insignificant thing about me


My Numbered Days

Mental health is important and talking about mental health is important.


Pendulum Swings And The Dichotomy Of A Life

So, we'll just let things their course and never be sorry. F. Scott Fitzgerald


Life In Three Verses

Looking like lack of sleep and tattered clothes Smelling like salt water waves and burnt coffee Sounding like hipster blues and sailor language Tasting like pine needles and Jameson Feeling like blistered hands and scraped knees   Looking like dirt covered stardust and a sunburnt face Smelling like candy-coated fear and fields of wildflowers Sounding... Continue Reading →


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