Life In Three Verses

Looking like lack of sleep and tattered clothes

Smelling like salt water waves and burnt coffee

Sounding like hipster blues and sailor language

Tasting like pine needles and Jameson

Feeling like blistered hands and scraped knees


Looking like dirt covered stardust and a sunburnt face

Smelling like candy-coated fear and fields of wildflowers

Sounding like a pounding pulse and questionable ideas

Tasting like a bitten tongue and probable regret

Feeling like being lost and being found


Looking like an anxious mind full of love and full of rage

Smelling like coming home and a heart up in flames

Sounding like overused metaphors and glorious redemption

Tasting like swallowed words and raw desire

Feeling like this is all I have ever wanted


I am all I ever wanted


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