There Is A Problem

I want to look at a bridge and see just a bridge.


Life In Three Verses

Looking like lack of sleep and tattered clothes Smelling like salt water waves and burnt coffee Sounding like hipster blues and sailor language Tasting like pine needles and Jameson Feeling like blistered hands and scraped knees   Looking like dirt covered stardust and a sunburnt face Smelling like candy-coated fear and fields of wildflowers Sounding... Continue Reading →

Everyone I Ever Knew: Part 1

I stared blankly as everyone I ever knew Destroyed their safety nets and climbed bloody up the cliffsides Needed not a reason more than the prospect of experience Desired nothing more than new eyes and skipping hearts Thought of everything and nothing at the same time Dreamed of stars so low they could be found... Continue Reading →


My life is an everlasting pendulum Oscillating wildly between the melancholy need for loneliness and the gut-wrenching need for acceptance But neither is completely comfortable Neither silences your pounding voice in my head but each can distract it for a moment. Just long enough for me to feel the hangover You know that I carry... Continue Reading →


You can't make homes out of humans, My life's not a fire to keep you warm, My arms aren't walls to protect you, From your own internal storm, My heart is not a light switch, For you to turn on when you please, I can't carry the weight of your regret, Because I'm buckling at... Continue Reading →

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